Welcome To Moitri…..A Reach Out To Unspeakables
Welcome to the magic of coexistence. Come Along! Walk the path to unveil the wonders of love, belief and reliance. Need help with your animal?

Its said that society evolves around the mankind – its behaviour, taste, custom, culture, caste, creed and traditions. A closer flight often opens up a box of wonders and we discover that quite a sizeable number in this very society thrive on the love & warmth ushered by the creator’s amazing ‘non–human’ creatures. We here at Moitri are open to all those who like being around whiskers & tails & wings & sniffs and are addicted to the inimitable & unconditional love and affection ushered by their pets. In understanding of all such souls and its own Moitri has exclusively chosen to be a hub to gear man’s endeavour to reach out to these unspeakables.

Need help with your pet? You have brought home a puppy/kitten for the first time? Is your pet behaving differently lately? You have a feeling age is catching up on your pet and you need expert advice to improve his/her quality of life. For all such answers and a thorough veterinary experience search no more.
Tips for best care for your pet
  • DONOT miss/delay the de-worming & inoculation schedules as prescribed.
  • DONOT forget to get the stool tested every 3 months to administer the relevant dewormer thereafter.
  • DONOT leave any wound on your pet unattended.
  • Consult your vet for the necessary first aid….immediately.
  • DO get your pet’s nail clipped, ears & anal gland cleaned in regular intervals.
  • DO keep your pet dry and clean.
  • DO brush your pet at least once a day
  • DO keep your pet away from dirt or dirty consumption.
  • DO practice a regular dental care for your pets. They need it as much as we do.
  • DO give special attention to your aging pets.

  • In case of any confusion/suspicion regarding your pet’s behaviour consult your vet right away without wasting a minute.

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